Company Vision

ideaPort LLC is a multifaceted web design and programming company focusing on creating/improving the online presence of small to mid-sized companies and organizations. We provide a full line of services including graphic design, programming, database design and management, site maintenance, web hosting, and customer support -- everything you need to market and sell your products on the Internet.

We welcome clientele from all industries -- variety keeps our projects challenging and the results fresh and inspiring. Recent clients include those from the fields of publishing, vocations, fine art, and health services.

Our story

ideaPort LLC began in 1995 as Teacher's Pet Software, a small company that developed a security application that locked down the Windows desktop, giving teachers and librarians the ability to protect their computers from the nimble fingers and prying minds of their clever students. In 1996, the company changed its name to ideaPort.

In 2000, the company shifted its primary focus from building desktop applications to developing web applications. The company evolved into an LLC in 2006 and continues to develop and maintain Web sites for current and new clients.


we focus on creating/improving your online presence



Web Design

At ideaPort we believe in clean, functional, modern graphic design that is fully accessible to all visitors, including those with special needs. To this end, we encourage our clients to allow us to utilize Web 2.0 (and beyond) and responsive design principles to develop accessible Web sites that are mobile and tablet-friendly.






Web Programming

We believe in content and site functionality before layout, which means that it's important to know exactly what a web site will say and do before designing the aesthetic interface. We are able to create sites quickly and with more functionality than many traditional approaches by utilizing Agile programming process, Ruby on Rails, javascript, and Ajax. 





Website Maintenance

We feel it is important that web sites remain fresh with relevant content. To achieve this, it is often imperative for the customer to be able to update her own content without having to work through us.

We have developed our own content management system (CMS) for publishers, allowing you full flexibility for building, modifying, and maintaining the content of your website. For more complicated maintenance tasks, we provide customer support to meet your needs.




Database Management

Database-driven Web sites are becoming the norm. ideaPort utilizes databases to create economical, fast and flexible Web sites. Our primary expertise is in MySQL.








Web Hosting

Finding a reliable host can be difficult. Many hosts promise excellent up-time, but fail to deliver. We host our sites and our customer's sites on our own servers in well-protected data centers with huge bandwidth capabilities. Hosting with us is not a requirement. We will gladly work with your host. We do prefer to host your site because we can optimize and configure your Web site more easily on our servers.





Visit our blog digoCOdigo # We talk code for technical updates and tips


We have managed and developed websites for TrueQuest Communications since 2001. We have also developed Web sites for small organizations and businesses.

These are some of our ongoing website development and maintenance projects. 

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You may call us in the United States at 312-638-0825 or use the form below to send us a note. We are an Austin-based company and are in the central time zone. 

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