Web Programming
We believe in content and site functionality before layout—which means that it's important to know exactly what a web site will say and do before designing the aesthetic interface. We are able to create sites quickly and with more functionality than many traditional approaches by utilizing Agile programming process, Ruby on Rails and Web 2.0 Ajax. Should a customer need or demand it, we also have technical proficiencies in PHP and ColdFusion programming.
Website Design
At ideaPort we believe in clean, functional, modern graphic design that is fully accessible to all visitors—including those with special needs. To this end, we encourage our clients to allow us to utilize Web 2.0 design principles to develop accessible Web sites.
Database Management
Database-driven Web sites are becoming the norm in the Web world. ideaPort utilizes databases to create economical, fast and flexible Web sites. We have expertise in MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.
Web Hosting
Finding a reliable host can be difficult. Many hosts promise excellent up-time, but fail to deliver. We host our sites and our customer's sites on our own servers in well-protected data centers with huge bandwidth capabilities. Hosting with us is not a requirement. We will gladely work with your host. We do prefer to host your site because we can optimize and configure your Web site more easily on our servers.
Website Maintenance
We feel it is important that web sites remain fresh with relevant content. To achieve this, it is often imperative for the customer to be able to update her own content without having to work through us. Our design requirements ensure that you have the necessary tools to change text and images on your site when you need and want to do so. For more complicated maintenance tasks, we provide customer support to meet your needs.
Customer Service
We pride ourselves in our courteous and prompt customer service. We work hard to keep our clients happy and have maintained long-term client relationships as a result.
We hope you'll talk to us about your next web project!